Hi5 Hero Support

Hi5 Hero Support
Employment term: Full-time
Annual Base Salary (ZAR): 150,000
Job responsibilities:
  1. Populate Help content articles and videos
    Educate users & stream-line our support requests.
  2. Customer Success
    a) Assist with any support or report queries via phone-call and email.
    b) Monthly reports to ensure customers have 100% activation and engagement.
    c) Constantly look for ways to automate activities.
    d) Assist with onboarding to ensure clients are happy.
  3. Quality Assurance
    Assist with QA, which will help you understand the product better, and ultimately come back
    with great suggestions to pave the way forward.
  4. Assist with running Hi5 events and campaigns
  5. Growth Hacking
    Help us come up with initiatives to help reach bigger audiences & grow our user base.
  6. Assist with sales
    Reach out to new prospects and upsell free users.
  7. Social media & blog content
    Communicate & delight our fans with regular (and funny) updates & content
Job requirements:
  • A Hi5 Hero is an all-rounder. You need to be willing to go the extra mile, learn more skills and bite off more than you can chew (metaphorically speaking). The Hi5 Hero is the face of the company and needs to embody our company culture.
  • Highly proficient in English writing & reading, great copy-checker and a keen eye for detail.
  • A neutral accent, as you’ll need to phone clients and create support recordings & videos.
  • Quick learner and highly computer literate – we have a whole bunch of Saas platforms in our arsenal of tools that you’ll need to become a boss at using.
  • Self-starter – don’t wait for other people to tell you what to do!
  • You need to show some experience in handling support, posting content, etc. – this forms part of our application test.
  • Basic video-editing skills is a bonus, but can be learned on the job.
Tags: Customer Support, Hi5, Social Media

A great opportunity to gain experience at a fast-paced startup! Hi5 Heroes delight customers as often and as creatively as possible over email, video, phone, in-app messages and more.

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